Bal’s Recipes

The Spice Goddess: After spring break, give yourself a kitchen break

MARCH 22, 2015
…some crunch.Add lemon juice and zest and turn the heat off. Serve with salmon.— Bal Arneson, the Spice Goddess on Canada’s Food Network, is author of Bal’s Spice Kitchen and the national bestselling cookbooks Everyday Indian and Quick…

The Spice Goddess: Say I love you with a home-cooked meal for Valentine’s Day

FEBRUARY 08, 2015
Valentine’s Day represents love, commitment and unconditional care. I think it should be celebrated with a romantic home-cooked meal, and I have created these recipes for you to prepare for your loved one.

The Spice Goddess: Recipes to focus your resolve

JANUARY 18, 2015
My 2015 food resolution is to eat certain items every day. The list includes greens, fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, yogurt — and, of course, my spices. So I created several recipes to incorporate these ingredients.